Friday, October 15, 2010

Kermiscross and the Giro del Piemonte

In Blegium they do it right. Mid-week cyclocross action.

Miriam took the 2010 Kermiscross title ahead of Josh and Matt. Jonny N still has a big lead in the overall race with Gary and Jonah rounding out the top three spots.

They do it right in Italy too. A mid week tune-up before the final monument of the season this weekend in Lombardy. Jonah won the Giro del Piemonte. I was second and Prince Dan was third. The Vicarious Cobra had a good day too and gave himself some breathing room at the top of the standings. Meanwhile Ali's free-fall plunge from the top of the standings continues. He's slipped down to third overall with King Andy moving ahead of him into second place. And all of a sudden Jonah is threatening Ali's chances of finishing on the podium at all. He's just five points off the pace heading into the final race of the season.

Full results and standings: CX Pool and Fall Classics Pool.

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