Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TNR Report

Sometimes the most significant thing about a ride is simply the fact that it happened. Last night's ride was like that. Cold, windy and wet. Very wet. It all seemed to suggest that we curl up under a warm blanket and just go to bed. This is exactly what I was doing when Jonny G showed up at 9:30. But it was just a little pre-ride nap. We rode. Directly to the klubhaus. It was good.

Cousin Adam and the Impaler showed up a short while later. Car Club. The BSer joined us for the first time in a long, long time. He rode. But more importantly, he brought chips. Vic and the Secretary showed up after hockey.

We toasted the Cricket for his win and debriefed Sunday's race. KK and Brad told us how awesome this weekend's race is going to be. We talked about a new skinsuit project and appointed an honorary co-captain to oversee our successful women's cx program. Her hame is Sanne van Paassen. We talked about long winter races and traffic infractions, guns and mutual acquaintances we did not know we had.

Soundtrack: Aldo Nova, Sniff 'n the Tears, old school VH and more.

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