Thursday, October 07, 2010

TNR Report

At this time of year, any ride when you don't have to wear a jacket has to be considered sweet. We rode over to HSC to pick up Brother Bill. It looked like we might get a tour of the facilities. But that didn't pan out. So we headed over to Garbage Hill, before retiring early to the klubhaus.

The Secretary and Tenacious V joined us, post-hockey. Neither of them scored a goal. But Vic was proud to tell us that his new cx bike has arrived. The President ambled in a short while later too.

We discussed our two 24 hour races. Planning for the 2011 edition of the 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge is well underway. And we kicked open the process for accepting bids to host the annual winter 24 hour race. Some concern was raised about the parallel film festival. It seems some are not entirely taken with the proposed 24 Hours of Clint. Something more along the lines of Strange Brew, FUBAR, and Canadian Bacon was suggested, perhaps interspersed with classic episodes of SCTV. It does have some merit.

Of course, we also talked a lot about cyclocross and how awesome it is. The Secretary and I reported on our recent reconnaissance visit to Camp A. The idea of a two day cyclocross festival there was floated and affirmed as worthy of further consideration.

We also addressed the question of Halberto and his alleged needs. After some intense soul searching, we came to the following two conclusions: (1) we don’t have any time for such bourgeois categories as needs. This is about changing the world one bike ride at a time. Giddy-up comrades. We ride for good times. (2) In the name of friendship, however, we did agree to drop the emotionally laden nomenclature of Backstabber. Halberto shall no longer be referred to as The Backstabber. But we do like acronyms. Call him the BSer instead.

KK did not have a flat. But Juan Eppstein did. He did not, however, have anything along to rectify the situation. We bailed him out.

What about the tunes? Ozzy and Randy two weeks in a row. What more can you ask for? We agreed that Fleetwood Mac is awesome. We were significantly more divided about Bob Seeger. It is not so much the mullet that is problematic as it is the sax.


Brad the Impaler said...

I missed the Strange Brew/SCTV discussion. Dr. Tongue's 3D House of Meat could be played right after a mandatory dog fest lap.

Gianni said...

24 hours of Canadiana?

vw: Sporesil. Ewww.

The Dark Lord said...

Not just any Canadiana. No Egoyan and Cronenberg, for example. Maybe another year for them.

Anonymous said...

Buster Keaton?