Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday Anticipation

How sweet would it be if the FGBC were to win all three of the cx framesets that will be given away on Sunday? We could have our very own mini fleet of team bikes. The Secretary, in particular, is in need of a cx rig. Might this be enough to coax him out to the start line? We can only hope. The possibility of winning those sexy TRP brakes alone should be enough to bring out a big, greedy crowd. The ABES' prizes of chips and golf balls were fine. But Gary the CX Czar is upping the ante in a big way.

Details here.


Brad the Impaler said...

That's funny. Delusional, even. Cause our club is winning all three frames.

The Dark Lord said...

We have learned to embrace our delusions.

Anonymous said...

thaaatt'ss reeaalllly fuunnyyy. but i am winninig all the stuff. i already have plans for it. forget about it.t

Anonymous said...

You know what would be sweet?
Me not riding Sherries bike which is to big, hint hint.

Dallas " Don't let these good times end." Sigurdur

Anonymous said...

I need a fourth new bike this year. I'll take one, please.

Anonymous said...

And weren't you just talking about this on Sunday?

wv: ineeb