Sunday, October 03, 2010

Queen Val, Rainbow Warrior

She gets to wear the vicarious rainbow jersey for a year thanks to a riveting win in the Worlds Road Race last night. In doing so, she beat out a trio of Chris's whose own rainbow aspirations evaporated thanks to their preference to shoot derisive glares at one another rather than work together. Val finished the day with 460 points. I took second with 455. Chris's O and D were another five points back. They get to share the final podium spot, just like Guillaume Boivin and Taylor Phinney did in the real U23 race.

Ali was able to hold on to his lead in the overall race, despite his failure to gain even a single point. Meanwhile Jonny G has taken the art of failing to gain any points to a while new level. In nine races so far, G has managed to lay eight goose eggs. Josh and Swatter have switched places to round out the top three.

Full results and overall standings here.

Up next: Coppa Sabatini on Oct. 7.

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