Wednesday, June 03, 2009

TNR Report

Another good turnout. The Secretary, the Impaler, Jonny G, Cousin Adam, Craig, James, Hal, KK, Colin, Luc and me. Juan Eppstein and the poosher joined us later at the klubhaus, as did the guy who did the sound for Quinzy at the Secretary's recent house concert.

After this weekend it seems the FGBC's closely monitored ratio of riding to good times is slightly out of whack. We decided to redress the balance a bit by keeing the riding time to a minimum last night. Just a short 9 lap miss and out race at the Omand's Creek oval on the way to an early arrival at the klubhaus. KK won. I was second. And Craig finished third on his brand new cx machine. Luc and James rounded out the top 5.

Good times at the klubhaus where, at my end of the table at least, we were treated to full rundown of the poosher's house renovation project. We were harrassed briefly, if harmlessly, by the softball team who stole our table and by Nadine, who was more enthusiastically received by the gaggle of inebriated soldiers at the bar. Her name rhymes with Jolene. So that great Dolly Parton song has been ringing around in my head since the ride home. Some rehashing the Spring Ride took place. It was awesome. We decided that the two team time trials would be mandatory events for the FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge. They take place on Aug. 12 and Aug. 20. The details for Vic's upcoming 50th birthday ride are coming into focus. It will take place sometime toward the end of June, I think maybe the 28th. Expect something similar to the river trail ride that took place last July when Reach the Beach was cancelled.


We also have a better sense of who will be participating in the two big races this weekend.

At the Back 40, Halberto, KK, Brad and I will do the 80 km race. Jonny G will be there too, but is still undecided about which race he will be doing. Craig, what about you?

As for the Krahn Barn Kermesse, Jonny G, the Secretary, Gianni, Halberto, and I will be representing Winnipeg in this collegial exchange with our friends at the Altona Bicycle Enthusiasts Society. There are still some spots available for us city kids. Send me an email if you are interested in participating.

If you have just crawled out of a cave and don't know about these two exciting events, the Krahn Barn Kermesse is a circuit race in and around the house barns in the lovely heritage village of Neubergthal. Part cultural and historical event, part bike race. Good times around the campfire to follow, post-race. Camping is available at the Krahn's place.

The Back 40 was one of the most talked about races last year. 1, 2 or 5 laps of the sweet singletrack around the lake in Morden. All for just $20 ($25 for the unlicensed).

Finally, Cousin Adam raced the Tuesday Night Crit last night. He finished 2nd again. Next week he will launch a solo attack and show that twelve year old kid who's the boss. Thanks to Adam, we have reclaimed the lead in the FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge:


Cricket said...

i'm in for the back 40. 80k is where it's at. just have to get the paperwork in...

Cricket said...

haha... word verification: sucks

The Dark Lord said...

That is good news Craig.