Friday, May 14, 2010

Did Somebody Say Challenge?

Actually, it is Challenges. With a silent S.

Although everything was only recently settled, we have actually been at it for a while. Happily, it seems as if we have ourselves a couple of close races. Here is how things look after Wednesday:

If anyone is interested in evaluating the draft itself, here is the draft order with the number of points earned so far:

The Victors

Vic 0
Chris H 25
Jonny G 67
Brad 31
Adam 57
Josh 31
Tomek 15
Johnny S 25
Ian 16
Luke 0
Unger 0
Thomas 0

The JPs

JP 40
Kevin 63
Craig 20
Mike G 0
Bill 21
Dallas 27
Jonny B 0
Chris D 0
Darryl 0
Penner 6
Larry 26
Matt 19

As for the 2010 FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge, the FGBC won April by a score of 210 - 63. After the first inning, The Dark Side leads 1 - 0.

But RRR currently leads the second inning: 76 - 22. It looks like we might be heading toward a tie.


Adam said...

Many will remember my endorsement of Johnny G as a top pick, no doubt.

g said...

I remember Adam...thanks for that.

May is not my inning. Look for me in june or possibly september.

KK said...

What's on the side of JP's face? It looks like we have Ned "The Lung" on our team. Nice.

wv: ineds

Anonymous said...

Oh........ so close.

i am running a 30 mile run on the trails at bhp Saturday if anyone is interested. It starts at 8am if anyone is interested. you can jump in for as many or few laps as you want.

On a side note Sherry just said I could go to Brandon if I wanted to and I do but having just checked out the pre registration i noticed it was closed. There you go another riders lost because I'm not paying an extra $15 to do a race I already have to supply 3/4 a tank of gas for plus 4+ hours of driving.
To bad because I was interested:(

Dallas " I think during out of town races I'm putting on my own spring hill series. I'll call it the washing machine climbathon. Watch out it might just happen people." Sigurdur