Sunday, February 18, 2007

24 Hours of Ass. - Done

24 Hours of Ass. is done. And so am I. 9 laps, 215 km, plus 5 painful and seemingly interminable minutes in front of the microphone in Ian & Donna's basement. Good enough for most individual laps, and first prize for the team of Alberto and myself. Definitely more riding in the first 12 hours than the second. The combination bone chilling cold and wet gear proved to be less than inviting. 7 laps plus Ian's Thriller Chiller bonus lap before midnight, but 1 very cold lap from 1:00 to 2:30 am was it, before the Falafel Place breakfast lap cranked it up again at 8:00 am. Cyclingdave's announcement that the race was immoderate and subsequent abandonment took a little pressure off. Which is good, because my right knee was pretty much cooked by that point. The Big Lebowski eased the pain for a while, but it got pretty quiet between 5:00 and 7:30 am for 2 at race HQ.

Special thanks to Mrs. Dr. and the kids for putting up with a slightly more chaotic day than usual. Thanks to the Fort Garry Brewing Company for prizes. Thanks also to all those who brought food and drink to share. Fuel is good. Lots of assorted stuff left behind at race HQ. If you're missing anything, call or come and look for it.

Overall standings:

Teams (includes Thriller Chiller 2 lap bonus):

1) Alberto/Mr. Dr. - 17 (Mr. Dr. performed Wanna Be Starting Something)
2) Cyclingdave/Juan Eppstein - 13 (Cycling Dave performed Baby be Mine)
3) the secretary/Jonny G - 12 (the Secretary performed Billy Jean, and won the lap)
4) Paddy/Tenacious V - 12 (Tenacious V. performed Beat It)
5) Jonny B/Jonny S - 9 (Jonny S performed Thriller)
6) The President/Naomi - 8 (Naomi performed The Girl is Mine)
7) Shona/Bob - 2.5
8) Unger/Ian/James - 2

Solo (riding laps only, though Thriller Chiller participation breaks ties):

1) Mr. Dr. - 9
2) Cyclingdave - 7
3) Jonny G - 6
4) Alberto - 6
5) Tenacious V - 5
6) Paddy - 5
7) the Secretary - 4
8) Naomi - 4
9) Jonny B - 4
10) Juan Eppstein - 4
11) Lindsay - 4-ish (or perhaps closer to 6?)
12) Jonny S - 3
13) Shona - 2.5
14) the President - 2
15) James - 1
16) Unger - 1

A few pictures:

Pre-race consultation; the mood is high

pit area

the Grand Depart

No, it's not snot

OTT: Steve Earle, Jerusalem


that dave said...

awesome performance mr. dr, awesome course and way cool clubhouse. [umm, i completed 8 laps. god, i feel like such a whiner for bringing that up but....]

The Dark Lord said...

yeah, but one of those was the Thriller Chiller lap, which counts for the team but not individual totals. Or did I misread that?

gjc said...

hey, it looks like you all had a great, albeit, cold time. I'd rather take a lap deduction than have to sing in front of people.

Great job all!

that dave said...

thanks for the confirmation i got it in a eureka moment earlier this evening. my race results were 7 laps + a thriller chiller.

great race.

Anonymous said...

So, don't I get at least 1 lap for doing the icebike? I notice I am the only fort garry bike club member to register a time - and that is even noted on the results! Note the future members, Nick and Alex, placing in the medals of their event.

The Dark Lord said...

the president said he dreamt of racing during his nap between his first and second laps. Perhaps those should count too.