Thursday, February 01, 2007


So Icebike is cancelled because of a forecast for "extreme cold." The website further explains that this is an attempt to prevent "cold related mishaps." Right. And yet they didn't bat an eye at the prospect of sending us hurtling down a cliff last year. Anyone else think all of this has a rather foul smell to it?

For those who don't like bullshit excuses, and those who like to live on the edge by flirting with the possibility of "cold related mishaps," and those who just want to race their bikes:

The Fort Garry Bike Club brings you Scheissbike.

Sunday, Feb. 4 at 12 noon at the Forks.

Stay tuned for further details.

Tom, can you come up with a poster?


halloewen said...

crap - i was hoping you would have a later start time: say 2:00. accomodates lunch and paddy's brother in law leaving time. if not, that's okay

halloewen said...

never mind, noon should be fine.

Anonymous said...

in my absence, imagine me kicking all yer ass's!

g said...

I've never seen you ride. Your bike is always broken or you are throwing snowballs.

Are you any good???

g said...

Sorry Paddy,

1am on a thursday night....or friday morning can make one surly.(not singie speed)

The Dark Lord said...

Jonny, I was thinking noon-ish. Will post something more definitive later. Definitely worth thinking about a place to warm up. Are you guys around for the weekend? Don't forget that you have to begin 'stache-cross with a clean shave. This isn't a handicapped event, where some get to start earlier than others.