Friday, December 26, 2008

Al Tops in Zolder

The podium at the 7th round of the World Cup in Zolder today had a bit of a different look to it. Nys was not there. Nor was Boom. Albert showed up to race, but he's not back to peak condition yet. Instead, it was Thijs Al who pulled off his second big win in the last week. Pauwels took second and Sven Vanthourenhout was third. The Americans fared a little better, but still weren't able to crack the top 20. Driscoll finished 26th and Trebon was 27th. Page didn't show up at all. Full story from CN.

For the women, it was Vos followed by Kupfernagel and Van den Brand. All of the top Americans were there, and they all finished in the top 10. Wendy Simms was there too. She finished 9th. More from CN.

In the FGBC Pool, it was kind of like the men's race. No Gary. No Johnny M. He was in dead last. Not good for the battle with Gary. Instead, it was Chris A standing atop the podium with 765 points. Olli was second with 630 and Rachel rounded out the top three with 595 points.

If you want video, you can find some here.

Next race is on Sunday: Superprestige #6. That's the first of three days in a row.

Today's Results:

Chris A 765
Olli 630
Rachel 595
Vic 585
Ian 585
Matt 535
David S 530
Gary 500
Brad 445
Jonny G 420
Chris H 390
Adam 340
Dallas 335
Hal 325
Andy 325
Bill 300
Paddy & Naomi 280
Tomek 270
Charlene 245
Deanna 240
Jonny M 225

Overall Standings:

Gary 10655
Jonny M 10215
David S 9880
Rachel 9760
Chris A 9545
Chris H 9215
Olli 9060
Matt 8915
Paddy & Naomi 8430
Deanna 8145
Ian 8030
Charlene 7965
Vic 7860
Tomek 7670
Jonny G 7630
Brad 7345
Adam 7305
Dallas 7185
Bill 7045
Hal 6510
Andy 6450

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