Sunday, December 28, 2008

Zdenek Does Diegem

They raced under the lights today in Diegem. We are planning to do that next year, right? Stybar took an early lead and never looked back. Nys and Al were charging hard and, for a while, it looked like they just might catch up. But then Nys crashed on a sharp left-hander heading into the sand. Al got tangled up too. The beneficiary of that little mishap was Klaas Vantornout, who managed to catch up in the sand, attacked as soon as they got out and held on to take second place. He also benefitted from the fact that Nys had to stop to put his chain back on. That wasn't enough for Al, though. Nys still managed to catch and pass him to take third place. More from CN.

Jonathan Page was back racing. It seems his little break had something to do with him running afoul of The Law. It seems he missed a random test a while back after DNF'ing and heading home early. Bad timing. Sounds like the Jason Sager story. That's what Page is worried about. Sager got two years. So it looks like Page is going to do some time. The only question is how much. Bummer. More here. Troy Wells was the highest placed American. He finished 24th. Speaking of Americans, don't miss Molly Cameron's reports on what it's like to race against the big European stars in the World Cup. He got lapped twice in Zolder and finished dead last. But it sounds like he's still having a good time. John Derrick and Andre Sutton were the lone Canucks. They finished 34th and 41st, respectively.

Last Lap:

Over in the FGBC CX Pool, Vic pulled off a narrow win. His 385 points were good enough for the big beer prize. Chris A continues to do well. He was just 10 points back and now has his sights set on Rachel's 4th place overall standing. But Rachel is holding her own too. She finished 3rd with 360 points.

Next up: Nordzeecross tomorrow.

Today's Results:

Vic 385
Chris A 375
Rachel 360
David S 335
Ian 325
Jonny M 315
Adam 290
Matt 280
Dallas 250
Brad 205
Gary 195
Bill 175
Olli 170
Paddy & Naomi 155
Hal 120
Charlene 110
Deanna 95
Jonny G 85
Tomek 80
Chris H 60
Andy 45

Overall Standings:

Gary 10850
Jonny M 10530
David S 10215
Rachel 10120
Chris A 9920
Chris H 9275
Olli 9230
Matt 9195
Paddy & Naomi 8585
Ian 8355
Vic 8245
Deanna 8240
Charlene 8075
Tomek 7750
Jonny G 7715
Adam 7595
Brad 7550
Dallas 7435
Bill 7220
Hal 6630
Andy 6495

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