Wednesday, December 24, 2008

No GP Montferland

It was supposed to take place yesterday. But somewhere along the way it was cancelled. I'd missed it, so after waiting around for results I went looking. Eventually I found the promotor's website, which contained the following notice (Google translated):
Welcome to the website of Cyclocross Promotion Foundation "The family." The organizer of several international cyclocross races and the World Cyclo-cross in 2006!

Cyclocross races year 2008/2009 will not!

Unfortunately, we must inform you that there is no Cyclocross coming year will be organized in Zeddam. With a decreasing number of sponsors and disappointing numbers of visitors, we are forced to cross the winter 2008/2009 to organize.
Bummer. The next race is Friday. It's another World Cup race, so once again there will be some big points up for grabs. While searching for information on the GP Montferland, I stumbled on this news story announcing that Niels Albert will be lining up for the start (also Google translated):
"It remains a small risk," says Albert

Tue 23/12/08 - At the press of his new team gave BKCP Niels Albert text and explanation of his return. "It looks fast, but it was becoming time." Albert runs from January to BKCP.
Niels Albert is Friday at the start of the WB veldrit in Zolder. He makes his comeback earlier than expected after his heavy fall in Asper-Gavere.

"I 'm a week on my schedule and the medical testing is no longer a risk", the field rider to Sporza.

"It remains a small risk, but the more I go for the championships, the better," says Albert.

"The basic condition is good and I hope as soon as possible to play for the victory."

"The six weeks long, you realize that everything could be over soon. But it looks good."

Albert can play no role in the rankings. "But my season has not failed, I hope that it is right. The World Cup was a goal anyway, that I beat Lars Boom," says Albert.
"Everything will turn me around"

Albert is the leader with his new team. "Sorry to say it, but everything will run pretty much around me. I hope that young people will learn a lot from me," says the 22-year-old Albert.

Should next year than the year Albert is? "Actually, yes. I felt I already able to do everything for the victory. I still spared bad luck, I put that right next season."

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