Monday, December 22, 2008

Ian's Haul

Through the first two thirds of the season, we've had 13 different winners. But Ian was not among them. In fact, just a month ago he was languishing in last place. All of that changed yesterday at the 6th round of the World Cup in France. He picked up a whopping 735 points. In doing so, he lept ahead of Tomek and Vic and into 12th place overall. It is Andy who's been hanging out in the cellar for the last little while. But he's nipping at Hal's heels and is now needs just 60 points to escape the very dubious honour of moving from champion to DFL in just one year. Chris A finished second on the day with 650 points, while Bill was just 5 points back of that, in third place. Gary cracked the 10,000 point plateau. He regained some of the ground he lost to Jonny M in the last race and pushes his lead back up to 165 points.

Lars Boom showed that he's back on form, picking up his first win since his three week layoff. He beat Nys in a two-man sprint to the finish line. Wellens finished in third, 22 seconds back. More from CN. Ryan Trebon made his European debut. It didn't go so well. He finished 33rd, almost 6 minutes back. Jamey Driscoll and his moustache were there too. They fared even worse, getting lapped and ending up in 49th place. Ouch.

The women's race, however, featured the rather odd sight of two Americans standing on the podium. Compton finished first and Georgia Gould took third in her European debut. Those two have been looking strong all year. Only Kupfernagel, the defending World Champ, was able to prevent a 1-2 finish by the Americans. Full story here.

They're back at it again tomorrow in the Netherlands. And then on Friday, it's World Cup #7 in Belgium. Christmas is for cyclocross. Which reminds me, I'm told that the Fraggle scored a brand new Jake the Snake from the Weasel for Christmas. Nice.


Laatste Ronde:

Sunday's Results:

Ian 735
Chris A 650
Bill 645
Matt 615
Tomek 615
Jonny G 595
Chris H 575
Olli 560
Brad 555
David S 530
Hal 520
Andy 520
Gary 515
Paddy & Naomi 460
Jonny M 415
Deanna 405
Dallas 390
Rachel 390
Adam 375
Vic 315
Charlene 300

Overall Standings:

Gary 10155
Jonny M 9990
David S 9350
Rachel 9165
Chris H 8825
Chris A 8780
Olli 8430
Matt 8380
Paddy & Naomi 8150
Deanna 7905
Charlene 7720
Ian 7445
Tomek 7400
Vic 7275
Jonny G 7210
Adam 6965
Brad 6900
Dallas 6850
Bill 6745
Hal 6185
Andy 6125

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