Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dr. Holliday Cross Report

Submitted by Gianni:

3 riders. 6 litres of beverages totalling 5000 calories. 14km in 2 laps of Bunn Creek trails, all of which were bumpy and if you rode more than 6" off "the line" you were in 2 feet of loose powder. It wasn't an old west shootout, but it sure hurt.

The Impaler took the early lead on the nog guzzling - a strategic advantage which may have served to deflate the spirits of the other competitors. Plus, he rode a steady and solid race, opening up a lead of about 30 seconds on me and maybe 60 seconds on Mike by the end. With more than a litre of nog/Coke at the finish line (plus a slight time disadvantage) against Brad's remaining 500mL, Mike G and I slowly chipped away at our remaining burdens. Watching race videos of a very skinny Bernard Hinault in Brad's living room wasn't much motivation, but I eventually got it done. Mike was still working on his last few shots when I left. There's no photos, but Brad had pledged to photograph the empty cartons. My guts are positively trashed - I've had a massive headache since the end of the race.

Can I respectfully request that senior management consider limiting the gluttonous eat/drink-race combinations to say... once every 6 months? I fear serious health consequences are in the offing otherwise.


Brad - 2 laps + 2L light eggnog - approximately 1:20
Gianni - 2 laps + 2L [freshly opened] Coke - approximately 1:50
Mike G - 2 laps +1.5L less-light eggnog - 1:50 and counting


Brad the Impaler said...

For my part, I felt fine after the race, and slept great. I sure didn't expect that. Must have been all of the chamomile tea I drank before and after the race that helped my gut survive the punishment. Now, Dr. H, about that two minute head start for the rest of the series...

The Dark Lord said...

Talk to the editor. If you can find him.

Light egg nog? Shame on you. That was supposed to be a joke.

Brad the Impaler said...
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Brad the Impaler said...

2% was all the store had.

Gianni said...

I did not feel fine after the race. I basically never drink pop, and downing 2L in basically an hour was pretty intense.

I decided that adding another wrong might help make things right, so I picked up a Fat Boy on the way home. With chili. And fries. This choice, I think, actually improved things. But I had the most killer headache all night. Worse than any hangover.

Gross. Just gross.

Anonymous said...

Light eggnog- still 240cal per 250ml- 30g sugar and 9g fat and 9 g protein. multiply by 8........
I'm still not done the eggnog. Sorry guys.
mike g