Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Espresso Junction at 9:30?


Brad the Impaler said...

Sorry gents, can't ride tonight. I may show up at the clubhouse later.

g said...

Last tnvb game for a while. Will be at the klubhaus around 11 bells.

on my bike.

Brad the Impaler said...

I'll be there.

In my truck.

With the heat cranked.

I rode to work today.

So there.

the secretary said...

OK, with G coming later, it looks like there won't be an earlier gathering. I'll be there around 11:00 as well, with jerseys again, if only to pass Matt and Dave's on.

The Dark Lord said...

Wait. What about Craig and Co? This is when they usually pipe up.

Gianni said...

I'd be up for a ride, and will plan to be at the Forks at 9:30.

(And I rode to work too, but i digress)

PaddyH said...

+2C here


kinda windy...but it's +2

resorts open this weekend

still riding in knickers and a vest

lotsa room here for 09 training camp

say hi to Crowbar

Anonymous said...

i'll be riding for sure. 9:30 it is.
Hopefully i'll bring a couple more as well...


Gianni said...

Hey - I suck.

Won't be riding, but might make FNH.

Stay warm fellas.

luke enns said...

i'll be there craigo. i'll be the guy wrapped in beaver pelts. they work well for a chilly winters ride.
- luke