Monday, December 15, 2008

Mmmm, Curry

I had curry for supper. Two helpings. A small symbolic gesture of solidarity. I did not, however, race my bike. I didn't even ride it. I trust that the times were good. Photos please. Now that the sweetest race series in the world is under way, everything seems right in the world again. Or at least almost everything.

Don't forget about that Bike to the Future thing at City Hall. Tuesday at 1pm. We need better cycling infrastructure. Badly. It's definitely worth a shot.


Anonymous said...

this year's nordic cross theme laws (The Viking laws) are as follows:

1. Be brave and aggressive

1. Be direct
2. Grab all opportunities
3. Use varying methods of attack
4. Be versatile and agile
5. Attack one target at a time
6. Don’t plan everything in detail
7. Use top quality weapons

2. Be prepared

1. Keep weapons in good condition
2. Keep in shape
3. Find good battle comrades
4. Agree on important points
5. Choose one chief

3. Be a good merchant

1. Find out what the market needs
2. Don’t promise what you can’t keep
3. Don’t demand overpayment
4. Arrange things so that you can return

4. Keep the camp in order

1. Keep things tidy and organised
2. Arrange enjoyable activities which strengthen the group
3. Make sure everybody does useful work
4. Consult all members of the group for advice

Gianni said...

Vic went Doooooown!

Johnny B was the one chief.

The Dark Lord said...

More details please.

There was a Jonny B sighting? I thought he'd disappeared for good.

Gianni said...

Hal will have a full report, with photos, I suspect.

In short: it was a debacle. The rules were fluid (even during the event), half the field suffered the ignominous fate of leaving half plates. Vic was hobbled by his own appetite. Locks were frozen and needed to be thawed. The course was revised to be the lowest common denominator: the parking lot across the street. This would have been okay except a snowplough ambled into it halfway through the first lap. and it was frickin freezing, as the Canadians say. And Viking laws are a tad vague for running a bike race. More like guidelines, really.

Fun, though.

The Dark Lord said...

Sweet. That actually seems fitting for the kickoff of the Nordic Cross season.