Friday, December 12, 2008

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Winnipeg has never been as close as we are today in seeing a significant increase in funding for Active Transportation (AT) to go towards complete routes throughout the city.

You may have read in the Free Press about efforts by Bike to the Future and partners like the Winnipeg Trails Association, Resource Conservation Manitoba, One Green City, and other local AT supporters advocating for an increase in AT funding in the City's 2009 Capital Budget.

In an unprecedented move, two of the mayor's Executive Policy Committee members voted against the proposed 2009 Capital Budget because of limited funding for cyclists and other AT users.

We need to show the councilors that cycling is not a fringe issue, but that safe, enjoyable, accessible, and convenient cycling infrastructure is in everyone's best interest.

Tuesday December 16th at 1:00 PM at City Hall

We are asking all cyclists to come out -– bring your bike bells -- and support Mark Cohoe from Bike to the Future and Janice Lukes from the Winnipeg Trails Association who will be doing a joint presentation to City Council opposing the 2009 Capital Budget and advocating for equality for cyclists.

Your attendance will help make a difference.

What else can you do to help?

1. Pass this message on to all the people you know who are interested in having better facilities for cycling in Winnipeg.

2. Contact your city councillor and ask him/her to increase the funding for active transportation. Share your reasons why you want to see more and safer infrastructure; if it existed, you would use it.

3. There may be an opportunity to speak on Tuesday at City Council if you feel strongly about increasing funding. Currently only two presentations opposing the budget are allowed, but by-laws can be waived if there are enough people wanting to be heard. Call your city councillor and tell him/her you want to speak to this issue.

Thank you.

Jackie Avent
Bike to the Future, Co-Chair

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