Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stybar Likes it Cold

It was cold yesterday in Loenhout. The ground was hard and the mud bogs were frozen over. That meant a fast and not-so-technical race. Stybar seemed to like it that way. He took his second win in three races, averaging 31 kmh for the hour. Not bad. Nys and Simunik were second and third. Boom crashed and cut his elbow. He didn't finish and will be missing at least one more race. His results have been fine for the most part, but with all the missed races Boom has to be considered a bit of a bust, at least from the perspective of the FGBC CX Pool. A 500 point win at the World Championships, however, would erase the taste of disappointment. More from CN.

The women raced yesterday as well. Van den Brand won it ahead of Compton and Vos. Lloyd was 5th, Gould was 9th, and Simms was 13th. CN has all the rest of the details.

The Bell Lap:

Olli was the day's winner of the FGBC CX Pool with 485 points. Chris A and Rachel rounded out the podium with 465 and 450 points, respectively. Rachel is now just 45 points behind Jonny M. He's been fading ever since the American season ended. Rachel, on the other hand, has been benefitting from the strong performances by Al and Stybar. El Presidente is still in on the hunt for 2nd place as well. While these guys are busy looking at each other, Gary continues to cruise. He's pushed his lead back up to ver 500 points. Masterful.

Yesterday's Results:

Olli 485
Chris A 465
Rachel 450
Ian 430
David S 415
Vic 395
Gary 385
Adam 380
Paddy & Naomi 375
Charlene 320
Dallas 315
Brad 290
Tomek 280
Hal 250
Andy 240
Matt 230
Jonny G 225
Jonny M 220
Deanna 195
Chris H 185
Bill 165

Overall Standings:

Gary 11535
Jonny M 11020
Rachel 10975
David S 10860
Chris A 10445
Olli 10010
Chris H 9610
Matt 9465
Vic 9100
Ian 9075
Paddy & Naomi 9045
Charlene 8615
Deanna 8460
Adam 8045
Tomek 8030
Brad 7995
Jonny G 7980
Dallas 7940
Bill 7455
Hal 7080
Andy 6825

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