Monday, December 15, 2008

Jamey Driscoll's Moustache

It looked so sweet up there on the podium at the US Cyclocross Nationals for all the world to see. Too bad it didn't quite make up to the top step. That was reserved for the long legs of Ryan Trebon. But there were some mighty fine cyclocrossers gathered in Kansas City for the weekend. Grizzled veteran Jonathan Page came back from Europe to show off his mad cx skillz. And Tim Johnson wanted so badly to defend the stars and stripes 9 Ball jersey he scored last year. So the second podium step is nothing to sneeze at for the sweetest 'stache in cyclocross. You may recall that Travis Brown sported a sweet 'stache at last year's national championships, but it doesn't look like he raced this year. The torch has been passed, and Driscoll handled it with aplomb. Well done, young man. Full report, results, and photos over at CN and CXMag.

Like Page, Katie Compton flew back from Europe for the race. Unlike Page, she won. Easily. Georgia Gould was the best of the rest, followed by Rachel Lloyd. Everyone else was way back. More at CN.

That brings the 2008 US CX Season to a close. Page and Compton will head back to Europe. It sounds like Trebon is going over too. It would be nice to see some of the others give it a shot. Compton seemed to be goading Gould to try it, saying she would likely finish in the top 5. We'll see. That would be good news for Johnny M, because Gary will continue to get points from Compton.

Over in Europe they were doing some racing too. Lars Boom made his return to the mud and grass, but it was not quite triumphant. He finished in ninth place on Saturday. Nys won it on Saturday, ahead of Stybar and Al. Boom did better on Sunday, though, losing at the line to Kevin Pauwels. Nys was a few seconds back in third. Now, if only we could get Albert back racing.

Saturday Highlights:

Sunday Highlights:

Over in the FGBC CX Pool, Rachel had the best weekend of the bunch with 1030 points. She sits in fourth place and looks ready to give David S a run for the final podium spot. But El Presidente is not about to give up so easily. He picked up 990 points of his own, and is starting to look pretty comfortable on that third step. Perhaps he should start working on that moustache. Matt was third on the weekend with 945 points. Meanwhile, Gary stretched his lead over Johnny M a little more. It doesn't help Johnny that Vantornout is engaged in a little battle with the organizers of the GVA series. They questioned some of his performances last year. And he thumbed his nose at their lowball offer for appearance fees this year. The long and short of it is that Johnny is only getting anything from him in the World Cup and Superprestige races.

Weekend Results:

Rachel 1030
David S 990
Matt 945
Vic 915
Ian 895
Gary 890
Chris A 850
Olli 830
Jonny M 820
Chris H 775
Brad 745
Adam 700
Jonny G 665
Bill 595
Andy 575
Paddy & Naomi 570
Dallas 565
Hal 560
Charlene 530
Tomek 450
Deanna 400

Overall Standings:

Gary 9600
Jonny M 9370
David S 8615
Rachel 8535
Chris H 8080
Chris A 8040
Olli 7730
Matt 7580
Paddy & Naomi 7495
Deanna 7275
Charlene 7265
Tomek 6715
Vic 6580
Ian 6550
Jonny G 6485
Adam 6410
Dallas 6370
Brad 6180
Bill 5780
Hal 5530
Andy 5430

Christmas is coming and that means the cx action is about to really heat up. Starting on Friday, we begin a stretch in which we have 10 races in just over two weeks. Someday we must plan a trip to Belgium over Christmas, don't you think?

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