Thursday, December 04, 2008

Crow scarecrow

Sometime FGBC spring ride participant, Paul Bergman has recently released his fourth CD. FGBC participation is high on the effort. Paul at the wheel, Jonny G on viola/mandolin, Jonny S on percussion, Paul K on harmonica, the Secretary singing harmony and doing the recording. If you like rootsy tunes, it doesn't get better than this. Paul's website is there in our links. You can listen to the whole album on his website. Then buy it.

The album was recorded live in the art studio portion of Paul K's house/barn in Neubergthal, MB. I just heard from Dr. H. that a race right through the barn is still on the table for this next spring... It stands to reason that Paul Bergman and the Decomposers might provide the tunes for this event.

Enjoy this video of us recording the title track, Crow scarecrow. It's kind of hard video taping and singing at the same time... shoulda worn the helmet cam.

Crow scarecrow from Paul Bergman on Vimeo.

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The Dark Lord said...

Sweet. The album is awesome.