Friday, December 12, 2008

tnr minutes

It's really bad news trying to remember all the goings on from a number of days ago, but it seems right to celebrate one member's new ride. Patrick, seen talking, no, waxing eloquent, to G, was sporting a shiny new ride... almost too shiny... but he was using language like "learning to fly" and other appropriate hyperbole/bs. So, that is deluxe.

It was sweet to have Halberto sacrifice his beauty rest and ride over to the klubhaus... It is fairly recent news to this minute taker that he is now of the biking bureaucracy... coordinator of mtb racing for the MCA. So, expect to hear more about the structures over the next while. He was sharing a number of his learnings about the UCI's strangle-hold on racing... and of course, one can hardly talk about organized bike riding without the whole question of insurance being battered around for a while.

While it's true, the lack of information on the Nordic Cross season was grumbled about, not one, but two posters have surfaced in the meanwhile. Let the games begin. Add other recollections to the comments.

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