Saturday, December 20, 2008

Whoa Gary, What Happened?

31 races into the season, Gary finally had a bad day. At yesterday's Scheldecross, he picked up a paltry 40 points. Even the bottom feeders of the FGBC CX Pool--you know who you are--managed to do better than that. Gary finishes dead last by over 30 points. Might this be a sign that he peaked too early? Probably not. But that's what Johnny M is hoping. He picked up 165 points on Gary and now sits just 65 points back of the overall lead. It looks like we have ourselves a battle for the much coveted title of 2008-09 FGBC CX Pool Champion. This week's news that Georgia Gould is heading over to do the European races was also good news for Johnny M. But it sounds like Albert will be racing again before the season is over. That will help Gary, so Johnny will need to start building a lead soon before Albert comes back and helps Gary to a late-season surge.

Vic had the best showing on the day. He picked up 380 points. Bill and Rachel rounded out the podium with 320 and 240 points, respectively.

As for the race itself, Thijs Al picked up his first big win of the season. Vantornout and Simunik were second and third. Nys sat this one out. Kupfernagel won the women's race ahead of Vos and Cant. Wendy Simms was the only FGBC CX Pool racer to show up. Her 75 points are what gave Vic his win. Head on over to CN for the rest of the story.

Yesterday's Results:

Vic 380
Bill 320
Rachel 240
Deanna 225
David S 205
Jonny M 205
Paddy & Naomi 195
Matt 185
Adam 180
Andy 175
Chris H 170
Brad 165
Ian 160
Charlene 155
Olli 140
Hal 135
Jonny G 130
Chris A 90
Dallas 90
Tomek 70
Gary 40

Overall Standings:

Gary 9640
Jonny M 9575
David S 8820
Rachel 8775
Chris H 8250
Chris A 8130
Olli 7870
Matt 7765
Paddy & Naomi 7690
Deanna 7500
Charlene 7420
Vic 6960
Tomek 6785
Ian 6710
Jonny G 6615
Adam 6590
Dallas 6460
Brad 6345
Bill 6100
Hal 5665
Andy 5605

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Oh, the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune...