Monday, December 01, 2008

Escape the Beach?

MUERTO is not dead. In fact, there's plenty of discussion going on. It's just mostly behind the scenes while cyclocross takes centre stage at the moment. Look for an announcent soon about an upcoming race in the Whiteshell this summer.

But for now, check out the following submission by Ian. It seems like a winner to me. This would make MUERTO a full four-season series. This could be the series finale. We'll finish it off good and proper with a soiree at the Secretary's place. The beltbuckle will be awarded to the series winner. And the times will be good. Read more:
A concept for the consideration of the faceless corporation known only as MUERTO….

I was driving up to Pine Falls yesterday, crossing some of the roads/intersections that the Reach to Beach route takes in… the trails looked pretty nice. So I was thinking…

Escape the Beach

Winter Ultra Bike Race

December 2009

Point to Point: Grand Beach to Darryl’s House (or a similar NE Winnipeg location)

Teams of 2

Must carry emergency gear (sleeping bag, cell phone, etc.) and wear an orange/reflective vest

Start Saturday morning at 8 a.m., finish in the dark

Might have to reconfigure the route a little… and it would require working with the local snowmobile trail steward people to ensure they were okay with it.


Coach Dave said...

There is a presently a race across Lake Winnipeg called the Polar Bear Run that I participate form time to time. The distance varies from year to year depending on the distance. We have run/skied or biked along the snowmobile tracks.

Anonymous said...

A great idea. That would be epic.

When I worked near Lac Du Bonnet, there were tales of snowmobilers burying harrows face up on the trails to puncture tires on ATV's. I've had a few less than pleasant encounters myself riding snowmobile trails.

The snowmobilers are pretty territorial about their trails. It's user pay system and a Snopass may be necessary to keep the peace. A 7 day pass is $50.00, a season's pass is $125.

Maybe a one day group pass could be negotiated.

The Impaler

Gianni said...

Yeah, I think this could only work with the support of the snowmobile stakeholders. I also wonder if mixing bikes with snow machines (even if they are cool with us being there) is too much of a safety concern... but maybe these are things to work on, not insurmountable obstacles.

Anonymous said...

I would totally be into this thing if it happened. That way i could feel out a possible attempt at the granddaddy of the local winter death marches , the arrowhead.

Dallas " I'm cold just thinking about it." Sigurdur

PaddyH said...

I'm in.

The polar bear run is/was fun

This would be funner.