Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas From the FGBC


Brad the Impaler said...


Are we racing on Sunday?

The Dark Lord said...

The editor sent me an email a few days ago announcing that this was my race to plan. That seems a little odd. In any case, I haven't come up with anything other than a bike racing & egg nog chugging duathlon. As for where and when, it's kinda hard to do plan that from 3000 kms away, not knowing what the conditions are, etc. But I could easily pick a random location and time. Is anyone going to be there? Anyone want to host?

Brad the Impaler said...

I will be there, if there is a there to be at. I think Tenacious V, G, and Craig are all away. Is there anyone else out there?

Egg nog is good. There could be 'spiked' and 'non-spiked' categories.

Gianni said...

I will be there, asumming it isn't super late at night.

May I please request a lactose free chugging option? (and soy free, too).

Even FGD, at 50% of the egg nog volume?

Gianni said...


Pardon me.