Tuesday, December 02, 2008


It has been suggested that tonight's ride should involve riding out to the U of M to pick the president up from his last ever class. He's already a nurse. But after tonight, he's just an official ceremony away from being one of the bachelor's variety. Does that mean a pay raise? Can we assume he's buying at the F&H then?


Gianni said...

At what hour would one have to leave from Espresso Junction to intercept the graduand?

Anonymous said...

I can't ride tonight. Hope to show up at the Klubhaus later to pick up my jersey.

Congratulations, Mister President. Or is that Merry Christmas?


penner said...

not sure when I am done, 930 at the latest

I will ride up Pembina to meet whoever is at the Forks
can be reached at 9798349

g said...

I will definitly be at the coffee place by 9:30. hopefully sooner.

I love riding my bike.
I hate cleaning it though.

I look forward to seeing the prez.

Luc said...

9:30-ish at the expresso junction?

ps: my pass key is copeth... as in copeth with the cold?