Monday, December 01, 2008

Updated news on the jersey

OK, I think this is as ready as things get... so here's the deal with conversion from US -> CDN (ouch) and shipping all worked in:
The long sleeved jersey was $52US... it comes to $70Cdn
The short sleeved was $45US... it comes to $61Cdn.
So, subtract your $20 deposit from that, and you have your balance.

I will be at the Klubhouse by shortly after 11:00pm if you want to pick your jersey up tomorrow... I would think it should be possible to have someone else take care of the business a little earlier the following week if you can't make it. If coming to the Klubhouse is not going to work at all, let's make arrangements.


Coach Dave said...

That will definitely not work for me. During the day? Morning?

mhandsco said...

Too late for me on a school night these days. I'm in for an earlier Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Can't ride tonight, but I'll try to make an appearance at the Klubhaus later.

B the I

The Dark Lord said...

Perhaps someone should explain out to these latecomers to the FGBC that there have been times when covert operations have been deemed necessary to sieze the sweetest jersey from those who have consistently dodged official FGBC activities--like the Tuesday Night Ride and F&H gathering. Of course, it didn't help. But that doesn't mean it can't happen again. We are exactly what we are. James is a weasel.

Anonymous said...

can i get a deal on shipping?
total payout on my fort garry shares once worth 2 large was
Jeff in Rosthern