Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back 40 411

It turns out the new and improved, more singletracky course is not quite 20 km. Which means the 2 lap race cannot technically be referred to as the Back 40. They decided to leave it as is though, and the 1 lap race as well. But they also decided to make the 4 lap race a 5 lap race so as not to short-change the MUERTO crowd.

The official press release reads as follows:
ATTENTION - Back 40 News - Changes have been made to the 80 km race.

The course has changed from last year, apparently the new trails have actually made the loop shorter, not longer as we had hoped. To address this, we will be leaving the 1 and 2 lap race options alone, but we will be adding 1 more lap to the 80 km racer to ensure it is a full 80 km. The 80 km race will now start at 11 am, with kids at 11:15 and the other categories at noon.


Kevin B said...

The 2 lap was NEVER the Back 40. The Back 40 name comes from the Back 40 Folk Fest and the fact you head out into the "Back 40". (You city kids just don't understand.)

Don't worry 32 will feel like a full 40.

Thanks for passing along this update.

The Dark Lord said...

Really? So the fact that you refer to the laps as 20 km (even when they're not) is entirely coincidental? Sounds like you're missing out on a marketing opportunity there Kev. Perhaps we city kids don't understand. Or maybe it's just that we are a step or two ahead of you.

If 32 will feel like 40, what will 80 feel like?