Thursday, May 28, 2009


It was a sprinters stage today. But most of the sprinters have gone home. So the stage was all set for a breakaway. And a breakaway is what we got. Scarponi wins it ahead of Cardenas and Pate. No change on the GC. Pez will be happy to tell you more. Tomorrow could be exciting though. They finish by climbing an old volcano. The Killer is running out of chances.


Over in the FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool, it was a good day for the wildcards. Especially if their names were Pate and Visconti (8th today). Amazingly, three teams chose those two as their wildcards: Chris O, Bill, and Mike. They all had very good days. But KK had a better day, thanks to Scarponi and McCartney. He grabs 220 points and another stage win. Bill had 175 points for second place, while Chris O and Mike tied for third with 165. In the overall race, Mike has reclaimed the lead. I kind of doubt he will give it up. That would make it two consecutive FGBC Cycling Pools for Mike. But I suppose the fat lady hasn't sung yet, so let's not get ahead of ourselves. My team is now in second place, 100 points back. And Chris A is third, 147 points off the pace. KK has reversed a four day trend of steady decline. He is back up to fifth place, and is less than 100 points from a podium spot. Not a bad day for RRR.

For those of you who will not be at the spring ride, I apologize in advance for leaving you hanging just as we're nearing the end. Feel free to keep score at home. Rules and points system here. Teams here. If you think you have it bad, though, just think about those of us out at Falcon Lake. We will be hard pressed to find out anything. Maybe Mike can phone in the scores to either KK or the Impaler. That would be nice. It's the least you could do in return of all of us letting you win again. Check back Sunday evening for the official wrap-up.

Stage 18 Results:

Kevin K 220
Bill A 175
Chris O 165
Mike G 165
Jonah H 150
David S 125
Mark S 125
Chris D 100
Naomi H 100
Rachel H 90
Donna H 70
Andy L 65
Craig P 60
Adam B 60
Paddy H 30
Chris H 25
Brian S 10
Brad E 0
Chris A 0
Dallas S 0
Dan L 0
Greg W 0
Hal L 0
Ian H 0
John W 0
Jonny B 0
Jonny G 0
Matt H 0
Miriam H 0
Paul V 0
Vic P 0
Charlene 0
LeAnn F 0

Overall Standings:

Mike G 3190
Chris H 3090
Chris A 3043
Dan L 3015
Kevin K 2954
Greg W 2848
Ian H 2801
David S 2652
Brad E 2608
Andy L 2596
Mark S 2581
Paul V 2549
Dallas S 2532
Bill A 2507
Naomi H 2476
Hal L 2436
Rachel H 2156
Charlene G 2145
Jonah H 2138
Donna H 2119
LeAnn F 2104
Brian S 2007
Chris O 1998
Matt H 1855
Miriam H 1829
Paddy H 1820
John W 1817
Vic P 1798
Chris D 1776
Craig P 1623
Adam B 1621
Jonny B 1608
Jonny G 1568

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