Saturday, May 02, 2009


Saving the world or Big Brother?

From the CBC:
Cyclists sought for project on improving Winnipeg pathways

The City of Winnipeg is looking for volunteers to strap a GPS device to their bicycle and let officials track their course.

The project, being done with the Centre for Sustainable Transportation, is intended to generate information that will help the city expand its active transportation network. The network offers routes for cycling and walking that are convenient alternatives to busy city streets.

The project co-ordinators want more than 900 cyclists to participate. The volunteers — people who cycle more than once a week — will be asked to attach a GPS unit, called the Otto Driving Companion, to their bikes.

They will also be asked to answer some questions about their travel.

"All this information, combined with the GPS units — which can be uploaded to Google Maps, or Google Earth maps — will be provided back to the City of Winnipeg as information to help them identify the priority uses of cycling routes in Winnipeg," said Terry Zdan, a sustainable transportation policy consultant who is in charge of the project.

The Ottocycle project runs from May 1 until Oct. 30. Each volunteer will be asked to carry the pocket-sized device for about two weeks.

For more information, or to volunteer, people are asked to call 204-988-7182 or email

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tenacious v said...

Terry Zdan came by Westgate and a bunch of students and teachers signed up. I believe we even made the CBC evening news. We are using the units right now. All FGBer's should sign up for this project. I will show you the unit on our Tuesday night ride.