Saturday, May 16, 2009

Grass Track, Good Times

Good times last night at the inaugural edition of Grass Track Fridays. The weather may have sucked, but the racing was fantastic.

For example, Dave L was there.

And Mike, of the BBC, drove out from Brandon for it.

Gianni, the Grass Track Czar, had four different races on the menu. A 4 km scratch race to start, followed by a series of sprints, and a handicap race. For dessert, he served up a 10 lap miss and out race. The scratch race and the miss and out were won by me, Herr Doktor. KK was second in each of those. KK took the sprint in a fiercely contested battle. The final and deciding race of the three-race series came down to a full on sprint to the line. KK won it, but unfortunately left himself essentially out of gas for the remainder of the races. Mike took the handicap race with a narrow win over Dave. Halberto was third. KK and I, still reeling from our rumble in the sprint, rolled in a little while later.

Gianni will sort through all the results to determine the overall winner for the evening. So the implications of all this for the FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge are coming.

The 200 km metre track seemed just right, if a bit bumpy on the home stretch. We may change it up a bit for the next one. We may not. It depends on whether something better can be found. There is a promising banked turn just beside the spot we used. Unfortunatley, it was mostly a puddle of very cold water.

The Grass Track Series counts toward the FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge. And so the competition between the FGBC and RRR was intense, even if friendly. KK and I kept close tabs on each other all night. We concluded, post-race, that it would be so much more awesome if other members of our respective teams were there too. Next time.

Post-race good times at the Belgian Club, where Halberto rather demonstratively held forth about bread baking, race committees, and all manner of stimulating topics. John W, whose name you will recognize from the FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool, showed up just in time for the post-race beer and banter. And thanks must be expressed to Mike, who took care of the second round. This lead to a discussion of the possibility of a cyclocross race in Brandon. Sounds promising. Notice the autographed photo of Sven Nys in the background.


Brad the Impaler said...

A 200 km track? You guys are huge!

KK said...

Think of it as over exaggeration for dramatic effect. It makes for good reading.

The Dark Lord said...

Grass Track Fridays, Operacion MUERTO edition.

Gianni said...

Well there was talk of a 6 day race (or a less immoderate 6 hour race).

Maybe for a season finale...

And the poosher can bring his derny out.