Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday Anticipation

1) Spring Ride

Waiting is hard. Almost as hard as staying on those dumb boards.

2) Grass Track Fridays

The series we've all been waiting for. It starts tomorrow. No rain, please. The mud track series later, in the fall. It's the one with the barriers. Agenda and details here.

3) Krahn Barn Kermesse

A few more details have come into focus, thanks to a brief post-ultimate caucus on Monday night. The race will start at 7pm. Cost is $5. There will be dogs and a fire behind the barn, post-race. Dogs and such will be provided. You are on your own for beverages.

Also, the field will be limited to 30 riders, 15 of which have been allotted to us city slickers. Five of those slots are already taken by Ian, Jonny G, Darryl, Hal, and me. That leaves 10 openings. Anyone interested in participating should express that interest with an email to the FGBC Race Director ASAP. If there are any leftover city slicker slots by the Spring Ride, they will be given back to Altona in order to fill up the field.

You will recall that this takes place the day before Operacion MUERTO 1.1, otherwise known as the Back 40. It is also a week after the Spring Ride. That's two consecutive weekends packed full of good times. Camping is available in both Altona and Morden for Saturday night. There may even be a couch available if you ask nicely.

4) Altona Alleycat #2

Finally, should you happen to find yourself in Altona--cycling capital of southern Manitoba--tonight, be sure to check out the second installment of the Altona Alleycat Series. The Duker is in charge. Which means it will be awesome. Details here.

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