Monday, May 04, 2009

Breaking News

Cousin Adam, VP Road, reports:
The May 9 ITT and Crit have been cancelled; Kids of Mud that day is still a go, however.
Wow. That's 3 cancelled or postponed races now. And we're only about three weeks into the season. I am biting my tongue.


Anonymous said...

Have you guys been here yet?

Posters, forms, and course maps are up! Info is good right?

It will be a Great race!

The Dark Lord said...

Thanks Greg. Don't cancel.

Anonymous said...

If a race gets cancelled, it is the CLUB, not the MCA. Clubs put on races, NOT the MCA. Total shame.

The Dark Lord said...

Agreed. The only thing more shamful is anonymous posting.

The Dark Lord said...

Shamful, shameful. Not exactly the same thing. But both are bad.

Karin McSherry said...

That's correct Anonymous. Before passing any more judgments, however, please allow me to explain why the AECC cancelled the ITT and Crit on Sat. Not sure how it is 1 club was expected to host 3 events on the same day but the club owns part of that. More importantly, there was 10 events (7 road, 2 mtb, 1 KOM) in 12 days on the MCA calendar. Hosting a 2nd ITT and 2nd Crit within a 7 day period did not seem to be the best use of club resources at this time. In principle the club regrets canceling an event but I have to say IMO shame is not warranted in this case.

Gianni said...

N.B. the road committee is considering changing its processes. Could possibly help avoid weird situations like this.

E.g., from the agenda (and phrased less than impartially, I might add):

"Committee Governance. Do we want a formal committee with minutes,
Roberts Rules etc, or more informal;

-if we go to a more formal committee we need a secretary;

-do we put minutes up on website, or should it be for club reps to report
back to their clubs"

Anonymous said...

We will NOT cancel!

Unless of course no one comes.... which won't happen because our trails and course are so very, very sweet.. succulent even.

There would only be shame if you didn't want to roll on our trails! Once every 2 or 3 years the drive out here is really worth it... and there will be a few of us from here supporting your CX races come fall.

Hope to see some of you there!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Brandon is back in the fold. the trails are sweet and the organization in the past has been great.
Plus I like having people on the top of the little technical climb which immediately drops down into the single track. It's nice to have a booing section if you get off, the pressure makes you work harder.

Dallas " we need a gravel grinder in this province this year." Sigurdur