Wednesday, May 27, 2009

TNR Report

Not so much a ride as a mission: to find a better grass track venue. But one that is still in the general vicinity of the Belgian Club for the post race festivities. Gianni, the Grass Track Czar, had identified three potential sites. But upon closer inspection, all three were deemed unsatisfactory. One was too short. Another had too much grass. And the third was too stinky. Colin suggested a fourth possibility which I can only recall as the school Luc used to attend. It rolled well. It didn't reek of manure. And after Bill used his superior surveying skills to do a quick measurement, it was deemed long enough. The only question is, where would one pee? The next Grass Track Race is on June 19. Stay tuned to see where it will take place. Maybe we should give this new venue a test run on a future Tuesday.

Good times, as always, at the clubhouse, where Bill noted that the tunes were dialed in to perfection last night. The Who, Queen, the Allmans, Skynyrd, and more. Someone stole our table though.

The last few Spring Ride details were nailed down:

1) The caravan will depart from my place at 9:30 am. Or as close to that as the President is able to manage.

2) The annual Spring Ride Dogfest will take place on Saturday night. Remember that the Secretary no longer coordinates the dog purchase. So you are on your own for dogs and buns. If you don't like dogs, Aiden is coordinating a parallel roasted avocado fest for the vegetarian crowd.

3) We will ride at Falcon on Friday. If you are heading out a bit later on Friday, you should be able to find us. If nothing else, listen for anguished cries of those who were shattered by the boardwalk.

4) The Impaler generously offered to share his lifetime supply of firewood with us.

5) We will resurrect the bike games from 2006.

I think that is all.

On the way home, Luc very nearly replicated Matt's wreck from a couple weeks back. He had a high-speed encounter with a curb by the Red Lobster on Portage. For a while it looked like he was destined for spectacular ruination. But the little fella somehow managed to keep the rubber side down.

The fireworks on the Blockhaus have just begun. Watch here.


Brad the Impaler said...
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Brad the Impaler said...

Just to be clear: I will bring all the firewood my cute little truck can haul. It probably won't be enough to last all weekend.
So if anyone else has the room and the inclination to bring wood, that would be great.

WV: editter

juan eppstein said...

Don't forget to bring lawn chairs... and hubbly bubblies.