Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday Profile: The Secretary

Few appointments within the elaborate FGBC bureaucracy are as appropriate as that of the Secretary. He has an ability to capture nuance and record conversational minutiae that is genuinely rare, and even more rarely embraced with the aplomb he demonstrates. What might at first appear to be an innate talent is actually a carefully honed skill. And while some will say "tomato, tomato what's the difference?" the secretary will tell you that there is a big difference indeed. When one finds oneself in a position of needing to discern the fine line that marks the difference between the sweet and the super sweet, let alone where sweetness passes over altogether into the realm of the deluxe, the Secretary is your man. We are fortunate to have him serve us so capably.

In addition to his official role as chronicler of the official business of the FGBC, he also serves in an unofficial and self-appointed capacity as our conscience and stylistic compass. He is the one who can be counted on to admonish us to remember that we are exactly what we are. By which he means that we ought not to take ourselves too seriously. And by "serious," he seems to mean that we should not waste our time trying to find a better beer than FGD, a fancier bike, a more accomplished group of riders to race with, a more effective training regimen, and so on. For these reminders, we are also grateful.

When he is not busy polishing his perceptive and expressive prowess, the Secretary can usually be found practising a range of invaluable life skills, such as cultivating one's yerba palate.

As for bike riding, the Secretary will be the first to admit that it is harder--much harder--than it looks.

Did you know? The Secretary is a master knotsmith.


the secretary said...

Let's just say I have come to embrace, "jack-of-all-trades, master of none" as a guiding principle.

Is this shot from the first time I rode clipless? Maybe I shouldn't have started at Ingolf.

This card series is definitely on its way to instilling fear in our foes.

The Dark Lord said...

Actually, I think Ingolf is a perfect place to start with the clipless pedals. Less embarrassing to tip over there than at a stop light.

Adam said...

X2 on the stop light.
Unfortunately I speak with the authority of experience on this issue. Nothing quite as embarassing as drivers getting out of their cars to ask if you're ok because they just saw you gracelessly drop out of sight behind their rear bumper.

Brad the Impaler said...

Sweet profile. Deluxe, even.

Brad the Impaler said...

X3 for the stoplight.
And multiple crashes on granite while learning clipless.

KK said...

x4 on stop lights.

I first rode clipless in Whistler (those Onza HOs were crap). Like falling on granite at Ingolf, you learn quickly as it simply hurts too much to fall.

Darryl, I had no idea you're a master knotsmith. Dude, that's sweet.

the secretary said...

you know, just tryin' to keep it real.

tenacious v said...

Not only does riding a bike make a near 50 year old feel young, I now get to collect the sweetest bike cards around. I will really think that I am back in grade six soon. It does not get any better than this. Thanks to the Dr.