Thursday, May 28, 2009

ingolf and eaglehead

After many hours, I have learned much. First the goal was to get the Eaglehead trail info that the Gord's folks posted onto my GPS. Next, how to share the two trails with you. This is still a bit rough... but it'll do for now. Our intrepid ride director is hoping we can find a way from the Ingolf loop on the left to the Eaglehead Trail. Good times ahead. Click on the view larger map link under the map to see both trails.

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KK said...

Thanks for posting, D. I belive I've converted the map into a navigation route for my handheld gps. I'll upload the file when I get home to confirm.

wv: ovenale

Anonymous said...

I should be stopping in for a cold one with you guys on Sat night.... what time are you usually back from the depths, and into the camp?

wv: dints

The Dark Lord said...

Anytime after 7pm should be safe. On Saturday, half the group is in bed by 10pm. But if nothing else, Johnny S and Jonny G will be waiting up for you. I will be by the fire, but I may be curled up for a nap.