Friday, May 08, 2009

ThNR Report

Altona correspondent El Presidente reports:
A cool and blustery night did not deter the hardy Southern riders from the Thursday Night Ride.

13 riders in all - Jonny S., Duker, Gavin, Lorne, Mark, Giles, Dan, Mike, Curt T., Gord, Curt F., Alvin, and myself braved a coolish Manitoba spring night to ride around the sweetest town in humanity.

The ride convened at the appointed hour of nine at Jonny S.'s place and quickly moved on to the W.C. Miller track for a spirited "last man out" race. I believe Mike won. Could have been Curt F.. Was trying to get my camera to work. Missed that one. We also ran a quick 400 metre race where Curt F. definitely took the gold while Jonny S. and myself had a photo finish for the silver. Only there was no photo. So I guess I'll say I won.

Post race we rode around town and cruised through the perimeter. Sauntered along the paths in the park and up and down the hill at the mosquito pond. Good times.

As always we concluded the eve by ambling over to Grumpy's Bar for a few cold ones and some lively chatter.


Anonymous said...

Altona's Thursday Night Rides have been awesome - I'm still smiling. The Duck is planning a special Star Wars alleycat May 14 (George Lucas's birthday - May the fourteenth be with you?). It's going to be a gooder.

Bikes are awesome,
WV: sinkfidl

KK said...

Quick! Order some of these or these or these.

the secretary said...

sweet. sounds like good times. the last shot shows you hooked up with pb and cousin karl later. very nice.

i hope the duke is working on his chilli recipe for the spring ride.