Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dogfest Report

It was a smaller crowd than we've had in recent dogfest memory, but not any less enjoyable. Who was there? Colin, Vic, the poosher, Jonny G, Hal, KK, the Impaler, the President, Juan Eppstein, and me. But no Craig! What happened?

The Spring Ride was referred to. But aside from clarifying the dates for those who have somehow missed the countdown and the poster series, there was little by way of actual planning. It could be that everything is under control. Or perhaps it is just that planning details is a lot less fun than recounting highlights of past Spring Rides, such as Jonny N's near-death encounter with the boardwalk at Falcon Lake on his first Spring Ride and the dude with the infant in the chariot at last year's edition.

The possibility of a birthday ride for KK and Vic, however, was discussed. It would be on June 28 in the vicinity of Grand Beach, and would conclude with a post-race meal at KK's summer palace. That would mean missing the Bring a Friend race at Birch, which would be mildly disappointing but not altogether out of the question.

Aside from that, the Impaler treated us to a few new innuendos he has been working on. And Juan Eppstein shared about his recent trip to Minneapolis. He also shared the secret of a new money saving trick he has discovered. We talked about cyclocross, how fast some guys are, and how much fun it is going to be in the fall. The President was there. And so the conversation turned to matters medical for a stretch. Specifically, rectal exams and a condition that goes by the description of "mushy nuts" seemed to be the preferred topics of that portion of the evening.

It was cold. The dogs were awesome. And the Scrapper did not get finished.

Speaking of Scrapper, Brewmaster Dave reports the following on his blog:
We also started on tap at The Belgian Club - which should make the guys at the bike club happy as they've been wanting our beer on tap for at least a year.
Now that we know he really cares, we shall turn our attention to the possibility of a similar setup at the F&H.

Apparently there was a big fire just down the street from Olympia. They said on the radio that was first reported around 2am. Which means we rode right by it on the way home, probably just as it was getting started. No, we did not notice.

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