Saturday, May 16, 2009

Grass Track Fridays V 1.0: The Numbers

From Gianni, the Grass Track Czar:

Grass Track Test Event - May 15, 2009

Temp +2
Wind N40 gusting to 60km/h
Snow/freezing rain

200m track at Whittier Park (50m straightaways, 50m turns)

Event 1: 20-lap scratch race
1. Chris 12:02
2. KK 12:23
3. Mike 12:10 (+4 laps)
4. Dave 12:47 (+4 laps)

Event 2: Match Sprint
Heat 1: Chris defeated Dave in 2 rides
Heat 2: KK defeated Mike in 2 rides
Final (3-up with Hal): KK defeated Chris 2 rides to 1.

Event 3: Handicap Kilometre
Didn't keep times for this event, but it was very close. Mike beat Dave by less than a bike length.
1. Mike (200m handicap)
2. Dave (300m handicap)
3. Hal (100m handicap)
4. Chris (no handicap)
5. KK (no handicap)

Event 4: Miss and Out (2000m)
1. Chris
2. KK (though he arguably DNF'd by failing to complete his last lap)
3. Hal
4. Mike
5. Dave

Observations: track shape and length was good. Terrain was... okay. Ground was soft (wet). Laps got faster as track was ridden in. Gearing was low - something like 38x18 was about right - this could change quite a bit with conditions.

Points series: based on awarding 5/4/3/2/1 points for top 5 placings in each event, FGBC-RRR challenge points are:
Chris - 16
KK - 14

After Friday, then, the score in the FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge is:

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Anonymous said...

WAY off topic as per Dallas usual but I'd like to say that old man Armstrong should keep his trap shut and stop stirring the pot in the giro. Just because he has lost his edge doesn't me things should be dumbed down for him. The stage today (Sunday ) is a complete joke and should be considered the rest day.

Dallas " shit or get off the pot, if you say your a professional then race the course you agreed to race." Sigurdur

Oh and Astana sucks!!!!!!!!!!