Thursday, May 14, 2009

Scarponi Stays Away

Correction: It was Jackson Rodriguez, not Juaquin, who finished 11th. Subtract 50 points from Andy and me. And add 50 to Jonah and Mark S.

Michele Scarponi was the sole survivor of the days big breakaway. Young Boss Hogg, Jr. took second with an impressive sprint out of a group comprised mostly of classics riders and contenders. He is going to be a spring classics superstar. Allan Davis, the only pure sprinter in the top 20, was third. Head over to Pez for the rest of the story.

Watch the final three kilometres:

I believe all the stages are available on demand from Universal Sports. So if, like KK, your boss thinks it fit to prevent you from watching at work, there is still a possibility to catch the action.

Over in the FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool, we have another new stage winner. That's six different stage winners in six stages. Nice. It is KK whose numbers came up right today. He gets to spray the champagne thanks to a 310 point stage. Ian and Jonah just missed out. They had a solid 305 points each, but had to settle for a second place tie behind KK. Dallas and Jonah tied for second with 255 points. In the overall pool, I have moved back into first place, just two points ahead of Chris A Chris A continues to lead with 1158 points. I am now in second with 1110 and KK has lept up into third place thanks to his 310 point day. He now has 1084 points. It continues to be very close at the top. The top nine teams are separated by less than 150 points. This should guarantee plenty of change atop the leaderboard over the next few days.

Stage 6 Results:

Kevin K 310
Ian H 305
Jonah H 305
Dallas S 255
Hal L 225
Chris O 210
Donna H 210
Chris H 180
Chris A 175
John W 170
Brad E 165
Craig P 160
Mark S 160
Mike G 155
LeAnn F 145
Adam B 145
Miriam H 135
Bill A 130
David S 105
Andy L 100
Dan L 100
Paul V 100
Naomi H 100
Matt H 95
Jonny B 90
Greg W 85
Chris D 80
Brian S 75
Charlene 75
Vic P 40
Rachel H 15
Jonny G 5
Paddy H 5

Overall Standings:

Chris A 1158
Chris H 1110
Kevin K 1084
Mike G 1075
Ian H 1056
Dan L 1055
Brad E 1043
Dallas S 1042
Greg W 1018
Mark S 946
Hal L 936
Chris O 893
David S 862
Andy L 836
LeAnn F 829
Jonah H 778
Naomi H 776
Craig P 763
Brian S 762
Matt H 755
Paul V 739
John W 732
Bill A 697
Charlene G 690
Adam B 686
Paddy H 675
Miriam H 669
Vic P 618
Jonny B 613
Chris D 606
Donna H 554
Jonny G 538
Rachel H 536


Brad the Impaler said...

We are counting the Giro pool in the FGBC - RRR beer race, yes?

KK said...

Ha, we are!

I love vicarious racing. It's the only way I'll ever win a race.

The Dark Lord said...

Yes, it counts. Looks good for RRR so far.

Anonymous said...

As I read this post and dream of the Italian death march that is the giro I'm sipping on a st James pale ale.

Life is good.

Dallas "Oh and Basso called and told me I'm the first person he'll thank public ally when he wins the giro." Sigurdur