Friday, May 08, 2009

D-Day: Giro Pool Edition

We've got 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 27 teams submitted so far. There are a whole bunch of FGBC cycling pool rookies among them: Chris D (from Saudi Arabia), Greg W (from Hamilton), Paul V (from St Vital), John W (Winnipeg?), Brian S (from just down the street), and Dan L (whom we should probably refer to as the prince of the cycling pool), and Mark S (Winnipeg?). Super sweet! Be nice to them, everyone. They are bound to be a little timid the first time around. I'm sure you all remember how it was. And with Chris O returning with a team from Durham, the FGBC low stakes gambling operation is now a genuinely global phenomenon.

There are four teams from RRR so far, and only three from the FGBC. Shall we have this count toward the FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge?

And there are now four Chris's signed up. That's twice as many as there are Jonnys and Daves combined. It's a new era.

Ian suggested a revival of themed team names. He even suggested a theme: favourite sandwiches. His team will henceforth be referred to as Team Rueben. Feel free to choose a team name and share it in the comments below.

The deadline is very early tomorrow morning. So early, in fact, that it's better to think of it as late tonight. The race is going to be awesome. The vicarious racing even awesomer. Rules and riders here. Send your teams here. Don't be a dumbass and miss out on the good times.

Chris H
Jonny B
David S
Paul V
Chris O
Chris A
Kevin K
Chris D
Greg W
John W
Jonny G
Brian S
Dan L
Mark S


Brad the Impaler said...

Team Spicy Italian Meatball(s)

Brad the Impaler said...

And sure, lets mix this in with the real racing as counting towards the FGBC - RRR challenge. Free beer always tastes better.

Brad the Impaler said...

By the way, an image of Sleeeman's Honey Brown graces our jerseys, so that is what you have to buy us.

Brad the Impaler said...
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KK said...

Team Hot Turkey (presented by the Hotel McLaren—a friendly place)

mhandsco said...

PB&T (Peanut Butter and Tuna)

mike said...

Sausage McMuffin

El Presidente said...

Team Clubhouse (toasted on white)

Anonymous said...

team Italian roll, prosciutto ham ,spicy mustard and provolone cheese.

Dallas " I just ran a 3.21.23 in Fargo and it hurt." sigurdur

Oh and Dave Simmons said hi to the locals. He viewed me running into the fargodome on the big screens with my Olympia jersey. actually he saw the jersey and then noticed it was me:)

The Dark Lord said...

Nice work, Dallas!

PaddyH said...

Sloppy Joe for me

Toast and Tomato for Naom's

The Dark Lord said...

I guess my team would be Team Shawarma.

Team Gyro is still available. Seems like a winner.

halloewen said...

croque monsieur, s'il vous plait