Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Menchov Stalking the Killer

The Killer has stolen the pink jersey from young Thomas Lovkvist. But he better watch his back. The eerily quiet Denis Menchov announced his presence in this race with a pretty convincing win in today's tough mountain stage. After today, it looks like the overall battle will be between Di Luca, Menchov, Lovkvist, Basso, Leipheimer, and Sastre. All the other so-called contenders lost significant time today. But there is still a long way to go. See Pez for more.

Final kilometre:

Greg W took the win today in the vicarious race, with 285 points. Mike G (215) and Kevin K (205) RRRounded out the podium. Chris A takes over the overall lead from Dan, prince of the cycling pool, while Greg has moved up into third place. It is all very nice and cosy at the top. The first 5 teams are separated by just over 60 points. Nobody is running away with it just yet.

Stage 5 Results

Greg W 285
Mike G 215
Kevin K 205
Chris A 190
Chris H 180
Hal L 180
Andy L 170
Ian H 165
Dallas S 160
Brian S 155
Chris O 155
Dan L 155
Bill A 150
Vic P 150
Miriam H 145
Paddy H 145
Charlene 135
Brad E 125
Matt H 125
LeAnn F 125
David S 115
Rachel H 110
Mark S 95
Donna H 90
John W 90
Paul V 90
Chris D 80
Jonah H 80
Jonny G 80
Naomi H 45
Craig P 0
Jonny B 0
Adam B 0

Overall Standings:

Chris A 983
Dan L 955
Greg W 933
Chris H 930
Mike G 920
Brad E 878
Dallas S 787
Mark S 786
Kevin K 774
David S 757
Ian H 751
Andy L 736
Hal L 711
Brian S 687
LeAnn F 684
Chris O 683
Paddy H 670
Matt H 660
Paul V 639
Charlene G 615
Craig P 603
Naomi H 586
Vic P 578
Bill A 567
John W 562
Adam B 541
Miriam H 534
Jonny G 533
Chris D 526
Jonny B 523
Rachel H 521
Jonah H 473
Donna H 344

Finally, the list of all the teams playing in the 2009 FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool can be found here. You would be wise to check over your roster to make sure there are no mistakes.

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