Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Killer and the Impaler

Updated and corrected [3:57 pm] It turns out Arroyo finished 10th, not Duran as initially reported. Lots of teams have Arroyo, so they all get an extra 55 points. Brad still won the stage. But Dan moves up to second ahead of Chris A and Naomi. More importantly Dan, prince of the cycling pool, moves to the top of the overall standings, with a narrow 7 point lead over Chris A. The results and standings below are now correct. Sorry for the confusion.

A frightening combination. The Killer takes the real stage, ahead of Garzelli and Pellizotti. The Impaler takes the vicarious one, with 290 points. Chris A and Naomi tied for second with 250 apiece. Chris A now leads the overall race, with 793 points, ahead of Brad (753) and Dan, the prince (745).

Thomas Lovkvist is leading the real race. Unfortunately, he somehow got overlooked in the FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool. I caught it only after half teams had already been submitted, and just before the keen eye of Andy, King of the Cycling Pool, caught it and shot me an email inquring about him. Nobody benefits from the 25 maglia rosa bonus points today. Oh well. LA couldn't hold on in the final 2 km. Just in case anyone is wondering. Basso and Levi looked good though. Mick Rogers is right there too. Could be a surprise contender after having disappeared for a while. Turn your dial to Pez for the full report.

The final kilometre:

Stage Results:

Brad E 290
Dan L 275
Chris A 250
Naomi H 250
Mike G 235
Greg W 230
Mark S 205
Dallas S 195
Paul V 190
David S 170
Chris H 170
Matt H 165
Andy L 160
Hal L 160
Kevin K 135
Brian S 130
Paddy H 130
Rachel H 125
Chris O 120
Ian H 120
LeAnn F 115
Jonny B 85
Charlene 80
Chris D 75
Jonah H 75
Jonny G 75
Miriam H 70
Donna H 65
John W 65
Bill A 60
Vic P 60
Craig P 35
Adam B 35

Overall Standings:

Dan L 800
Chris A 793
Brad E 753
Chris H 750
Mike G 705
Mark S 691
Greg W 648
David S 642
Dallas S 627
Craig P 603
Ian H 586
Kevin K 569
Andy L 566
LeAnn F 559
Paul V 549
Naomi H 541
Adam B 541
Matt H 535
Brian S 532
Hal L 531
Chris O 528
Paddy H 525
Jonny B 523
Charlene G 480
John W 472
Jonny G 453
Chris D 446
Vic P 428
Bill A 417
Rachel H 411
Jonah H 393
Miriam H 389
Donna H 254


PaddyH said...

my teams sucks....SWEET!

wv: abled ....indeed.

Campy Only said...

Sooo am I winning, or behind by 7 :)

The Dark Lord said...

Behind by 7.

The Dark Lord said...

So Arroyo and Duran are one and the same. They icked the wrong last name the first time around and I got confused.