Saturday, May 23, 2009


Simon Gerrans, in his faux FGBC jersey, was the best of a breakaway group that managed to survive to the end. Bertogliati was second and Gavazzi third. No change on the GC, though Di Luca and Menchov gained three seconds on Leipheimer, who couldn't hang on at the end of this classics style stage. See Pez for more.

Final 2 kilometres:

In the FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool, the big breakaway made it a bit of a crapshoot. Lots of low numbers on the day, as the main contenders were well back. But it worked out nicely for Paul V. He takes his first stage win with 230 points. Prince Dan was second with 185 points. Chris A had 175 points for third place to knock KK back off the podium and jump ahead of Mike into second place in the overall race. I am still in the lead.

Stage 14 Results:

Paul V 230
Dan L 185
Chris A 175
David S 120
Charlene 120
Paddy H 110
Greg W 95
John W 95
Mike G 90
Rachel H 90
Ian H 85
Mark S 70
Andy L 65
Brad E 65
Bill A 65
Vic P 65
Chris H 60
Kevin K 50
Naomi H 45
Hal L 35
Jonah H 35
Miriam H 35
LeAnn F 35
Brian S 30
Dallas S 25
Donna H 25
Chris D 20
Chris O 20
Jonny G 20
Matt H 20
Craig P 0
Jonny B 0
Adam B 0

Overall Standings:

Chris H 2650
Chris A 2518
Mike G 2455
Kevin K 2394
Dan L 2380
Greg W 2298
Brad E 2258
Ian H 2246
Dallas S 2172
Naomi H 2151
Paul V 2139
Andy L 2121
Mark S 2006
David S 1977
Hal L 1871
Bill A 1852
Jonah H 1838
Donna H 1799
LeAnn F 1764
Matt H 1745
Chris O 1723
Brian S 1717
John W 1632
Charlene G 1620
Paddy H 1575
Craig P 1563
Adam B 1561
Rachel H 1546
Miriam H 1509
Chris D 1491
Vic P 1483
Jonny G 1458
Jonny B 1443


Brad the Impaler said...

So, with Cavendish and Pozzatto abandoning today, my team is pretty much gutted.
Are all those points gone?

Bring on the Tour!!

The Dark Lord said...

You keep the points you earned.

It could be worse., though. Several teams (Jonny B, Craig, Chris O, Jonny G, and Vic) are down to six riders

The Dark Lord said...

Check that. Chris O is down to just 4 riders. Vandevelde, Cavendish, Cancellara, Horner, and Pozzato are all gone. Bummer.

And stop your whining please, Impaler. It's not becoming of the tough guy persona you project.

Brad the Impaler said...

Screw off!!

The Dark Lord said...

That is better.