Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Grass Track Program, V 1.0

Don't forget there is a ride tonight. It's a busy day at the FGBC World HQ, so tonight's agenda is bumped way down by now. But Gianni, the Grass Track Czar, just sent out the following announcement regarding his Grass Track Fridays series. It kicks off this Friday with a special anyone-can-race pre-season event. So aswesome is the news that it has to be shared right now.

Proposed Program, May 15:

1. Scratch Race
2. Olympic sprint
3. Unknown distance

Short Break - with opportunity to change the oval size (by group consensus).

4. Match Sprint
5. Miss and out
6. Madison

Riders should bring:
1. Bike (any kind)
2. Water
3. Bug spray
4. Something to sit on (if the ground is wet)
5. Stuff to fix a flat
6. Lock, if you want to go to the Belgian Club after (this is being confirmed for Friday)
7. Whatever else you need to make this fun - snacks, cowbells, etc.

I'll also be taking a collection of used/old/giveaway coloured t-shirts (to be used like pinneys for team events) - if you have an old red, yellow, green or blue t-shirt that are willing to donate, please bring it.

Reminder that while this Friday is a test event and thus MCA membership is not required, future GT events will require an MCA membership (not a racing license, just a membership). No word on how strictly this will be enforced. The honour system seems easiest to administer.

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