Sunday, May 10, 2009

What the H?

Petacchi quiets Cavendish for now with an impressive win over the pinkest--and, so they say, fastest--man in the world. Basso and Leipheimer concede 13 seconds when the peloton fractures on the run in to the finish. Once again, Pez has the best report.

Final 2 km:

See also Cosmo's commentary on stages 1-2:

Over in the FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool, it wasn't Cavendish or Petacchi who won the day. Rather, it was Swift, Davis and Farrar, finishing third through fifth. They netted 270 points and a stage win for me. Mark S was second with 230 points, ahead of a four-way tie for third place between Brad, Dallas, Dan, and Paul, who all had 175.

In the overall standings, Matt H holds onto his lead. But he now shares it with Chris H and Paddy H. Apparently the FGBC Giro d'Italia pool today was bought to you by the letter H. 370 points each for these three. But there's a whole bunch sitting not too far behind.

Stage 2 Results:

Chris H 270
Mark S 230
Brad E 175
Dallas S 175
Dan L 175
Paul V 175
Paddy H 170
Greg W 165
Jonny G 165
Mike G 165
Vic P 165
Hal L 155
Ian H 155
Andy L 150
Bill A 150
Brian S 150
Chris A 150
Chris D 150
Chris O 150
Craig P 150
David S 150
John W 150
Jonny B 150
Matt H 150
Miriam H 150
Rachel H 150
Charlene 150
Jonah H 145
Kevin K 80
Naomi H 40
Donna H 0

Overall Standings

Chris H 370
Matt H 370
Paddy H 370
Brad E 358
Chris O 358
Bill A 357
John W 357
Brian S 352
Ian H 351
Jonny B 343
Mark S 341
Jonny G 338
Mike G 335
Greg W 333
Vic P 328
Charlene 325
Hal L 321
Miriam H 319
Andy L 316
Dallas S 307
Paul V 304
David S 297
Chris D 296
Dan L 295
Rachel H 286
Craig P 263
Jonah H 258
Chris A 248
Kevin K 206
Naomi H 116
Donna H 76

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