Friday, May 15, 2009

Boss Hogg, Jr. is Awesome

He almost won it yesterday, but they couldn't bring back Scarponi. But today young Boss Hogg, Jr. made amends with a win that would make his daddy proud. Forget the future. This guy's a certified stud right now. And he's only 21 years old. He shattered his rivals from a five-man breakaway group, beating a pretty good sprinter in Robbie Hunter with apparent ease. Pavel Brutt was third on the day. No change in the overall GC. See Pez for more.

Final Kilometre:

I guess this means that Donna is Daisy Duke, Jr., at least vicariously speaking. She took the stage in the FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool with perhaps even more of chutzpah than Boss Hogg, Jr. The younger Hogg, in fact, is on her team. And so is today's second place finisher, Robbie Hunter, the Honorary Captain's former teammate. She also has Alessandro Bertolini, who was also in the breakaway group and ended up finishing 5th. And she has Sebastian Hinault, who finished 14th today. Together, they totalled 390 points for Donna. That's the highest total we've seen in a stage so far. Donna is also our seventh different winner in seven stages. Right on. Naomi was a distant second with 225 points, while Jonah grabbed the final podium spot for the second day in a row, finishing with 190 points.

In the overall race, we have the same three podium finishers. But the order is different, and the gaps are much smaller. I have 1270 points, while KK has moved into second with 1249. Chris A drops to third place with 1213 points.

Stage 7 Results:

Donna H 390
Naomi H 225
Jonah H 190
Kevin K 165
Mark S 165
Adam B 165
Chris H 160
Craig P 145
Ian H 125
Dallas S 105
Jonny G 85
Paul V 85
Greg W 75
Mike G 75
Chris A 55
Andy L 50
Bill A 50
Brad E 50
Brian S 50
Chris D 50
Chris O 50
Hal L 50
John W 50
Jonny B 50
Matt H 50
Miriam H 50
Paddy H 50
Rachel H 50
Vic P 50
Charlene 50
LeAnn F 50
Dan L 30
David S 30

Overall Standings:

Chris H 1270
Kevin K 1249
Chris A 1213
Ian H 1181
Mike G 1150
Dallas S 1147
Mark S 1111
Brad E 1093
Greg W 1093
Dan L 1085
Naomi H 1001
Hal L 986
Jonah H 968
Donna H 944
Chris O 943
Craig P 908
David S 892
Andy L 886
LeAnn F 879
Adam B 851
Paul V 824
Brian S 812
Matt H 805
John W 782
Bill A 747
Charlene G 740
Paddy H 725
Miriam H 719
Vic P 668
Jonny B 663
Chris D 656
Jonny G 623
Rachel H 586

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