Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Meet at my place, 9:30 pm. We will ride some. Maybe a short race or two. But the most important part of the evening will take place at the clubhouse. Post-ride agenda includes such critical details as figuring out rides, solidifying menu details (i.e., Saturday Dogfest?), checking out the status of the F&H Buy Back Plan, and other matters that, if left up to me, would almost certainly get overlooked.

We also need to firm up the roster. Since the last time we went through this, it looks like we have lost a few. But we have also gained many. It looks like a solid roster.

Dr. Divisive – Fri/Sat/Sun
Impaler – Fri/Sat/Sun
Matt – Fri/Sat/Sun (injured)
Jonny G – Fri/Sat/Sun
KK – Fri/Sat
Penner – Fri/Sat/Sun
Tenacious – Fri/Sat/Sun
Gianni – Sat/Sun (tap dance recital)
Secretary – Fri/Sat/Sun
Johnny S - Fri/Sat/Sun
Craig - Fri/Sat/Sun
Juan - Fri/Sat/Sun
Luke E - Fri/Sat/Sun
James - Fri/Sat(?)
Colin - Sat/Sun
Unger - Sat/Sun
Aiden - Sat/Sun
Bill - Fri(?)/Sat/Sun
Paul V - Fri(?)/Sat/Sun
Halberto - Fri(?)/Sat/Sun
Mike G - ?

Anyone else planning to be there? Has anyone made the annual phone call to Luke S? Altona seems significantly under-represented so far. They're probably mad at us for being condescending or something childish like that.

And before I forget, here's Juan's customized map to the campsite:

Once again, it looks like we might have hit the jackpot with the weather:

Finally, if you are still wondering why all the fuss about the Spring Ride, check out the trailer from The Duker's classic 2006 film. Or maybe that should read: "the classic trailer from the Duker's 2006 film." Sometimes the trailer turns out to be better than the film. Either way, be sure to check it out. It's the one where Vic debuts his signature dance, the Tenacious Shuffle. See also the Secretary's film from 2007. The 2008 film, unfortunately, is still in production. I believe the Secretary is still sorting through all the raw footage.


Brad the Impaler said...

In for tonight.

Does anyone know if there is electricity in the camp sites?

KK said...

I see there's some talk of the upcoming weekend on the ABC blog.

The Dark Lord said...

Seems more like a monologue by Johnny S to me. Johnny will be there. But what about the Duker, Swatty, James B, Pauls K & B, or some of the new ABC recruits?

Anonymous said...

The ABC is NOT childish you dummy poo poo head.
So far I've been unable to confirm anybody from down south. Part unaware of the awesomeness that is the bike weekend, part busy, part lame. I know better - its the best weekend of the year! Is there going to be a tarp show this year? Last years trials were magnificent.
See ya'll this weekend.

The Dark Lord said...

Without the threat of rain, it might be difficult to muster the motivation necessary for the tarp show. But if you can find a way to get the Secretary thinking about knots, you might be off to the races.

We are still feeling a bit stung that you have left the FGBC for a new suitor. Now you are just like Halberto to us. And your new friends can't even be bothered to attend the sweetest weekend of the year. I hate to say it, Johnny S, but you have made a big mistake. I'm sure you will come to realize that this weekend. I predict that before the Friday night campfire is done, you will ask to be reinstated. Too bad we tore up your trading card.

the secretary said...

there goes dr. divisive again... i'm pretty sure the spread between us is not nearly as made out... and would rather not push it further. while it provides good blog-type fodder, it may not be useful in the long run. While I'm not in the position regarding biking, I prefer to be in as many clubs as possible.

note regarding this eve. B&B KOM are at Beaudry, so I'm looking at a late return to NK. I'll call with an update.

finally, the president has made contact with the klubhaus. we will p/u product on Thursday... he also implies there are changes in the wind on the deal we've come to enjoy.

KK said...

Ducking away from internal politics...

I appreciate the Duker's artistic, if not ironic, use of continuous slo-mo action shots with the Michael W. Smith soundscape. That's some truely unique film-making.

Quentin Tarantino has nothing on you, sir.

PaddyH said...

I'm only commenting to use this word veri: "smazonst"

The Dark Lord said...

Internal politcs? It's just a ruse to distract you RRR guys from our next (and super surreptitious) move in the FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge. You guys won't know what hit you until it's way too late.

The Duker is a legend.

PaddyH said...

here'sa good'n: "chiblay"

luke enns said...

hi gents, i'm stoked for the weekend. see you all there.