Friday, May 15, 2009

A Note from Altona

El Presidente writes:
After much discussion (and an equal amount of beer) the subject of our loose "affiliation" with the Fort Garry Bike Club became a topic. After much debate it was decided (with no quorum in attendance) that the Altona Bike Club (tentative naming) must strike out on our own. The support and encouragement of our Northern brethren has been much appreciated but the patriarchal attitudes have grown tiresome. Therefore, we as a cycling collective have decided to embrace our differences and stand apart. Take this as you will. Talk amongst yourselves.
He refers to this as a dropping of the gauntlet. It is not clear why. It seems like the right move to me. I thought that's what setting up a blog with the title "Altona Bike Club" already signified. In any case, they are growing up and, while this sort of adolescent melodrama is to be expected from time to time, their independence needs to be cultivated. Perhaps one day there will even be an FGBC - ABC FGD Challenge.

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